AS Analytics

About us

We are a technology company specialized in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We boost the growth of companies by transforming their data into accurate and timely information to make the best business decisions.

Our Purpose

At AS Analytics we drive companies to make the most of their data to increase profitability, make business decisions based on management information and develop effective and innovative business strategies.

Our team

At AS Analytics we have the ideal human talent for each area of work. We have a continuous training program, where each of them is nurtured with new knowledge, thus acquiring new skills. We believe in an integral human talent, that is why we promote an organizational culture where they can develop professionally and personally, thus creating a pleasant and ideal work environment to perform daily activities.

Alejandro Alas


Business Engineer with a specialization in Data Science. He founded AS Analytics with the aim of promoting the adoption of technologies for business development.

Deborah Valencia

Project Manager

Business Engineer in charge of Project Management and quality of services. Her work is characterized by her capacity for negotiation, communication and organization within each project, with the support of her experience in the application of agile methodologies and Scrum framework.

Jorge Echegoyén

BI Manager

Business Engineer in charge of developing comprehensive BI & Analytics solutions for our clients. Attention to detail, curiosity and passion to innovate; these are the elements that characterize his work.

Sergio López

BI Analyst

Business Engineer specialized in BI & Analytics. Creativity, integrity and teamwork characterize him in his performance as a data analyst.

Paola Vásquez

BI Analyst

Business Engineer specialized in Data Science applied to business-level decision making with domain in BI & Analytics. Providing quality, passion and value are key characteristics of their work.

Grecia Parada

BI Analyst

Business Engineer specialized in BI & Analytics. Excellence and a passion for data characterize her work and she is constantly learning about new ways of conducting analysis.

Alejandro Ramirez

Head of Sales LATAM

Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the Inter-American University of the Americas. Postgraduate Degree in Sales from the Autonomous University of Mexico, with more than 20 years of experience in sales for Retail companies - HORECA - Technology.

International Presence

We have a wide presence in Latin America, United States, Canada, Europe, and the world. We have created mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We have managed to create a data culture in different parts of the world.