AS Analytics

We turn your data into business actions

We help our clients with the management and analysis of their data to generate insights that determine effective business actions to achieve business objectives.

Technologies + Data + Business

We are a company specialized in BI & Analytics; we drive the growth of our clients by transforming their data into a valuable asset for effective decision making.


Intelligence for decision making

BI & Analytics allows members of organizations to access, interact and analyze all the information to manage the business more efficiently, improve operational performance, identify new opportunities, and improve customer service.

Business Analytics Consulting

Our goal is to support companies with the management and analysis of their information to generate insights that drive the actions of the company, so a key factor in our work is the impact for business areas that technologies can create.


Our solutions

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Analytics as a Service

All-inclusive BI platform that allows companies to have all the information they need in real time to support the management of their operations.

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BI Staffing

We assign a dedicated team to your company to drive data initiatives and support your in-house team in time-intensive operational tasks.

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Full BI Project

We develop BI projects for your company End-to-End or specific tasks within your planning. We have Quick Wins teams to accelerate the data initiatives of each area of your company.

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We have expanded our services to different companies in LATAM, United States, Canada, and the rest of the world, developing more than 50 projects to date and creating data solutions for different industries.


We work hand in hand with industry giants in technologies, specializing in each of their tools to ensure the quality of services that companies deserve.

A S - V B l o g

How BI has changed the way we do business?

Discover how the good use of business intelligence is revolutionizing the way business is done around the world. Find out how it can help your company take off higher and be more profitable daily.